Shark Sleeping Bag Design

You don’t need to go swimming in the sea to have your own one of a kind shark experience. Simply jump in the Chumbuddy resting pack and appreciate sweet longs for being eaten up entirety.

Sharks have been in the news a considerable measure this mid year in New Britain, particularly on Cape Cod. There have been a few awesome white shark sightings in Chatham and after that there was that generally dispersed Jaws-esque photograph of a huge shark seeking after a kayaker on Nauset Shoreline.

In any case, why ought to beachgoers have all the fervor? Presently you can have an individual shark experience in your tent, room, or wherever you please because of this fine item from Chumbuddy ($199) isn’t a children dozing sack. It’s 7 feet long with an inside length of 6 feet 5 inches that “completely swallows youngsters” yet “may save the leaders of a few grown-ups.”

Loaded with polyester fiber and fixed with a cotton/poly mix, the Chumbuddy absolutely looks warm, however no particular temperature rating is given. No weight is recorded either, so it may not be the best decision for ultralight exploring. It is, in any case, “handcrafted to demanding models.”

On the off chance that you’ve at any point considered what Quint’s last musings were as he was eaten by the shark in Jaws, here’s your chance to discover. On the other hand, on the off chance that you’d rather rest in the tummy of an alternate mammoth, you may likewise consider Thinkgeek’s Star Wars Tauntaun dozing pack ($149), which reproduces the Luke Skywalker encounter on Hoth.