Prepare Your Christmas With Lovely Home Decorating Ideas

Successful Christmas Home Decorations: The First Rule

After the holidays save your cards and pack them along with your other Christmas decorations. This will ensure the cards being in the right place for crafting.

Never place them with any other paper, avoid clutter and deciding to clean out and end up throwing them away. Placed with your Christmas decorations is the best place. The children will find them at the start of the Christmas season. This is the perfect time to start Christmas card recycling projects.

Tree Decorations Using Recycled Christmas Cards

This project starts by cutting shapes from cardboard. Some examples include bells, wreaths and trees. Snowmen are an easy project for children.

Cut the snowmen from the card and let the children apply glitter. Punch a small hole in the top and attach yarn and tie in a loop. Then the ornament is ready to hang on your tree.

Another decoration for your tree that is made from recycled Christmas cards is paper pompoms. Start by cutting eight discs from the front of cards (thinner cards work better). The discs should be 4 inches. Then discs should be folded in half, stapling down the middle of the discs. The discs should be folded vertically; hold in your hand, a layer from each side should be stapled together. Continue layering and stapling until you have completed the pompom. String with yarn and hang from your tree.

Recycled Christmas Cards For Gift Tags

One of the simplest and easiest projects for Christmas card recycling is making gift tags. Just cut your desired shapes and write To and From on the back.

If you are not into Christmas card recycling, there are some other options. You can simply drop your cards off at a site; usually some shops collect them for charity. A small donation is contributed to charities for every card donated.